Photo album

International Social Event 2019

Advent Tea and Bring and Buy 2018
2018 Vision Day
Harvest 2018
Confirmation in Rotterdam 2016
Lent group to Space Expo
Advent Tea, Bring & Buy 2015
Archdeaconry Synod 2015
Harvest Festival and Tea 2015
Animal Blessing 2015
Salisbury 2015
Choral Festival Evensong 2015
Kerkennacht 2015
Harvest Festival 2014
Church Barbeque 2014
European Cathedral Singers in Gloucester
Wedding service of Jaap & Addy 2 May 2014
Advent Tea and Bring & Buy 2013
Church Barbeque August 2013
Farewell service Rik Florentinus
Harvest Festival and Tea
Church Barbeque
Installation Joop and Rik
Concert and Advent Tea
Archdeaconry Synod
Church Barbeque
Advent Tea and Bring & Buy
Church Barbeque
Father Clive Jones presiding and preaching
Here endeth our Photo Album…

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