Haarlem ideal city for expats

Already about 1500 expats are (temporarily) living in our city on the Spaarne river. And this group keeps growing.
Many become a member of expatshaarlem.nl, a platform where you can ask questions about schools, housing or a good tapas-bar.
Everything to quickly feel at home in Haarlem. And during the “monthly drink” or the “Dutch language cafe” you may even stumble upon a good business partner or date.

Expatica in Haarlem explains how gas works

At the Wilhelminastraat you will find Expatica Communications, a service provider for expats with 12 employees.
Owner Mark Welling confirms the impression that more and more expats are fed up with Amsterdam and want to live in Haarlem.
He can also find himself in the number of 1500 expats, although he adds that the concept of “expat” is becoming more liquid.
416898Traditionally it was a man who was sent out to another country along with his family.
Nowadays many more people from abroad come over to work here for some time. “Do you call them expats, too?”

Most questions which Expatica receives, are about housing, and then they will provide information about real estate agents. Expats increasingly buy properties, Welling noticed. “Because of the low interest rate”.
Expatica not only helps newcomers with housing. It is also about very day-to-day things like, “how do I open a bank account” and “how do I connect the gas”. For an Indian, it’s handy if this is explained in English.

Source: HD 3-11-2015