Choral Eucharist – The Presentation of Christ in the Temple

2 Feb 2020 - 14:30
Location: St Anna and St Mary, Haarlem in Haarlem

The festal cycle of Epiphany ends only with the Feast of the Presentation of Christ in The Temple (Candlemas). The child who has been manifested to the magi at his birth is now recognized by Simeon and Anna, when he comes to be presented in the Temple according to the Law of Israel. He is both ‘a light to lighten the Gentiles’ and ‘the glory of God’s people Israel’. This Eucharist is supported by our Choir with a sung psalm and an anthem. The service is led by Rev. Robert Frede.
The readings are Malachi 3: 1-5, Hebrews 2: 14-end and Luke 2: 22-40.
The psalm is psalm 24.
After the service, do join us for tea.

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