A message from our Mission Secretary


“You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.
The greatest acts of love are done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness”.
Victor Hugo

It’s time for an update about our newest mission initiative. I need to thank you all for your enthusiastic response to our request for donations of food, household cleaning products and toiletries to the Haarlem Food bank. I’m ever more impressed with the continued generosity of our small community, and have to say that  the lifting of a heavy box has never made me smile quite so much.

I want to ask if we can take this enthusiasm just a little step further. Recently while reading the Haarlem Food bank internet site I discovered another opportunity for us to help a lot with just a little more giving.Large commercial retail chains frequently offer generous amounts of fresh foodstuffs, frozen and dry goods to the food bank. In order to cover expenses for transport, storage, freezer and cooling facilities, and insurance they also need some money. But all they need is a donation of 100 euro and they can afford to receive donations of 1000 euro worth of goods from these large retailers.

It sounds too much like a loafs and fishes situation to let  pass by. My proposal is for a ‘Penny-Pot’ where parishioners could donate any coinage, copper or otherwise, for this great chance of a maximum return on a minimum investment. All I’m asking at the moment is for a gentle tap on the shoulder, a nod or wink from three or four of our members and I will feel confident enough to start the ‘Penny-Pot’ project.

We were recently reminded in church that prayer without action is powerless.
We seem to have the action, now please add to this your kind prayers.

Francis Gordon