ANBI Transparency


  1. ANBI Name(s):
    Ecclesial identity: Anglican Church of St. Anna and St. Mary, Haarlem
    KvK name: Anglican Church Haarlem
    Fiscal name: Anglicaanse Kerk St Anna and St Mary
    Informal name: The English Speaking Church (in) Haarlem
  2. Constitutional position
    Church in the Archdeaconry of North West Europe/Anglicaanse Kerk in Nederland.  It is governed by the ecclesiastical law of the Church of England  and constitution and rules of the Diocese in Europe
  3. RSIN: 824152311
  4. URL/website address:
  5. e-mail address/telephone number
    Secretary: / 06 – 50876283
    Hon. assistent secretary: / 020 – 645 71 03
  6. Visiting address
    Kinderhuissingel 74, 2013 AV Haarlem
  7. Postal addresses
    Secretary: Pesetalaan 27,  1060 SC Amsterdam
    Hon. assistent secretary: Groenhof 260, 1186 GE Amstelveen
  8. Church officers, including council:
    One chair (vacant), two church wardens, one secretary, 5 further council members, one treasurer and one safeguarding officer.
  9. Salaries policy
    The church shall have such stipendiary clergy and other ministers as is agreed between the Bishop and the church council. Their stipends shall be determined in accordance with or on the basis of stipulations made by, on behalf or with the concurrence of the Bishop. Neither stipendiary or salaried staff, nor volunteer officers or council members, will receive any remuneration or other financial compensation, however named, in respect of their work in governing the church; and such activities shall not be deemed to establish any claim to tax exemption or tax-exempt payments. Exceptional expenses may be compensated financially only to the maximum nominal amount.


  1. Policy plan
    The national policy plan is to be found at the website of the Archdeaconry The local policy is summarized here: [update needed] Main policy for 2016 is to proceed with the intensifying of the work of our Church, with the contribution of all, for creating a thriving Church community again in which more and more people feel at home and feel supported in their religious life. This has started already with great effect in 2015. A variety in the character of services (according to a monthly schedule) will contribute to this and more extra activities will be set up, such as focusing on smaller groups for study and discussion. The relationship with the Old Catholic Church in whose building we worship will be intensified.
    Where possible we contribute to joint activities within the Diocese of Europe of the Anglican Church.
    Our poor financial situation is getting thorough attention. Costs will be kept as low as possible. This means also that, although the Chaplaincy may have paid staff and other workers, and also may compensate volunteer workers for their activities to the maximum allowable annual amount, we do not expect any other payment of fees or the like except for visiting clergy, organist and choir master.
  2. Objectives
    The Anglican Church Haarlem creates a place and opportunity for the English-speaking community in and around the Haarlem area and visitors from home and abroad to meditate, pray and worship, privately and together. We support people in their understanding and approach to life and faith. We are called to sharing the joy of God’s unconditional love in faith and action. We commit ourselves to contributing to a world where love, reconciliation, tolerance, equality and peace can prevail. We are an open, welcoming church, which exists for the community as a whole and where everyone is valued and respected. Charitable activities also include work among asylum seekers, contributions to the local food bank, and  support to various other charitable and relief funds, mainly abroad.Note: These objectives are being reviewed at present by the Church Council. Any comments are welcome!
  3. Activities report [update needed]
    As in other years, the focus of activities in 2015 was on our regular services, held every Sunday, and monthly Compline and Healing services. There were special services such as the Nine Lessons and Carols and combined services with the Old Catholic Church, a Lent course with discussion, other activities such as a Retreat day and concerts by our excellent choir. Apart from these activities the main and most important issue was the appointment of a new chaplain and we are very happy the Revd David de Verny has taken up this appointment as from 21 June 2015. Attendance to services has risen substantially and the pastoral care gets structured attention again.


  1. Statement of income & expenses
    A summary of the financial report of income & expenses for the year 2016 is as follows. More detailed information is available on request.

    Income 2016 (2015) (2014) 
    Collections and fund raising 50156 42639  23261
    Church magazine subscriptions 431  142  598
    Total income 50587 42781  23859
    Expenditure 2016    
    Running Costs Chaplaincy 30391 38183  29039
    Other Expenses (incl Diocesan and Archdeaconry Quotas and Bookkeeping & accounts) 5561 8124  10419
    Total expenditure 35952  46307  39458

    Chaplaincy costs in 2016 include the rent of an apartment and until June the stipends and other costs of an incumbent priest half time.

  2. Statement of intended disbursements in coming year [needs updating]
    Due to the financial situation of the Church no disbursements are intended except for unavoidable costs, focussing on Chaplaincy and Church services. A summary of expected expenses for 2016 is as follows. This year reserves are expected to start building up again after the discontinuation of the employment of an incumbent priest and the rent of an apartment.

    Expected expenditure 2016
    Chaplaincy costs and Church service expenses 30200
    Other expenditure (incl Diocesan and Archdeaconry Quotas) 8200
    Total expenditure 38400

    Disbursements for 2017 are expected not to be higher than those in 2016, and will be lower if the Church will not have an incumbent priest again that year.